Quarterly Meeting

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There will be a quarterly board meeting of the Chadwick Estates Home Owners Association Board of Directors on Wednesday May 22nd at 6 p.m. The meeting will be held at the ATS offices, 8201 North University Street in Peoria. All Chadwick Estates homeowners are welcome to attend.

Annual Meeting

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Open Position

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The Chadwick Estates Home Owner’s Association Board of Directors has one open position. We are actively looking for a new board member who would be interested in the Social Committee Chair. Please contact any board member if you are interested.

The next Board meeting of the Chadwick Estates Homeowners Association

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The next Board meeting of the Chadwick Estates Homeowners Association will be held at Methodist College on War Memorial Drive at 6:00 p.m. on January 11.

November 16 – Chadwick Estates Board Meeting 6:00p.m.

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Methodist College on War Memorial

Chadwick Estates Awareness 2016

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Over the past few months, the Board has received questions and concerns from homeowners regarding the look and feel of our neighborhood.

Read the Chadwick Estates Awareness Campaign below:

Fall 2016 Awareness Campaign

Chadwick Estates HOA Meeting

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Chadwick Estates HOA meeting  September 14 at 6pm in the Board Room at the new Methodist College location  on War Memorial Drive. All residents are welcome to attend.

June 15, 2016 – HOA Board Meeting Agenda

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Next Chadwick Estates HOA Board meeting will be held on June 15 at the Peoria North Branch at 6:00 p.m.

Minutes of Annual Meeting of Chadwick Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. (CEHOA)

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North Branch, Peoria Public Library, February 29, 2016

CEHOA Board members present: Loreto Panettone (President), Derel Monteith (Secretary),
Barry Soffietti (Treasurer), Kim Tobias, Erik Wilde

CEHOA Board members absent: Aaron Smith, Steve Allar (Vice President)

10 additional CEHOA members present in person (see sign‐in sheet)

8 additional CEHOA members present by proxy (Derel, Loreto and Barry having been given
proxies by five members, two members, and one member, respectively)

23 total CEHOA members in attendance either in person or by proxy

A. Board introduction and discussion of 2015 accomplishments and financials:

Loreto introduced the Board members who were present at the meeting and gave an account of the Board’s accomplishments in 2015, including front entrance repair and redesign, legal review, construction approvals, and complaint management. Barry discussed and answered multiple member questions regarding the 2015 CEHOA financials.

B. Matters for Board presentation, member comment, and Board vote:

1. 2016 budget: Barry discussed and answered multiple member questions regarding the 2016 budget; 2. Changes to CEHOA documents and processes: Derel discussed and answered multiple member questions regarding the legal review that the Board undertook in 2015, including a detailed discussion of the proposed amendments to the By‐Laws and the Resolution Regarding Flagpoles; 3. New sign at front entrance: Loreto, the other Board members, and multiple members discussed the two options for replacing the sign on the front entrance pillar, and the Board proposed that a new sign be created in a stylized script font that matches the website and street sign logo (as opposed to a block font like the original sign); 4. Landscaping at front entrance: Kim discussed and answered multiple member questions regarding the proposed landscaping plan for the front entrance, and the Board also solicited member feedback on the future possibility of removing the pots in the front entrance beds (pot removal was not included in the proposed plan, and members were divided on the question of whether to keep the pots). After all member and Board discussion on these four proposals was complete, the Board voted on each proposal in succession. The 2016 budget, the changes to CEHOA documents and processes, and the landscaping plan for the front entrance were all unanimously approved by the Board; the proposal for a stylized script front entrance sign was approved by a majority vote of the Board (Loreto, Erik, Kim and Derel voting in favor; Barry 1 of 2 voting against, citing legibility concerns with the script font). Loreto and Derel executed the revised By‐Laws and Resolution Regarding Flagpoles and Kim will scan and upload the executed documents to the CEHOA website; appropriate members on the new Board will pursue action items relating to the other approvals.

C. Election of new Board members:

Five Board positions were coming open, with Loreto and Kim being the only Board members not either resigning or completing their two‐year terms. More specifically, the five Board vacancies were created by Steve moving out of the neighborhood (he is expected to resign soon, leaving a one‐year vacancy), and Erik, Aaron, Derel and Barry finishing their terms. In the election, Barry sought re‐election and two new potential Board members sought election, namely Kim Johnston and Jim Hefti. Barry, Kim Johnston and Jim each briefly spoke about their backgrounds. Given the uncontested nature of the election (five open positions and only three candidates), the Board decided to use a show of hands rather than a ballot to conduct the election. Thereafter, all members present (whether in person or by proxy), by a unanimous show of hands, approved Barry, Kim Johnston and Jim as Board members. The Board then explained that it has the power to appoint people to fill the two remaining Board vacancies; two members at the meeting volunteered for those vacancies and will be considered by the Board.

D. Open member comment:

Approximately 15 minutes were left for open member comment, during which the following topics were raised: 1. the possibility of a stop sign at the Koerner/Eaglecreek intersection in order to slow down traffic on Koerner; 2. suggestions for water heater maintenance; and 3. the members‐only section of the CEHOA website.


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To:       Chadwick Estates Homeowners

From:   Loreto Panettone

President, Chadwick Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. (CEHOA)

Date:    February 1, 2016


Dear Chadwick Estates Homeowners:

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year.  As you know we are approaching the Annual Meeting of CEHOA members.  All lot owners in Chadwick Estates are CEHOA members, so we hope to see many of you there!  This year the Annual Meeting will be held at 6PM on Monday, February 29th at the North Branch of the Peoria Public Library, in the McKenzie Room (the first room on the right as you enter the building).  The North Branch is located at 3001 W. Grand Parkway in Peoria, behind the Menard’s store located near Allen Road.  The agenda for the Annual Meeting is as follows:


  1. Introduction of the current Board of Directors
  2. Accomplishments and financial report for fiscal year 2015
  3. Board presentation, member comment, and Board vote on:
  4. Budget for fiscal year 2016
  5. Changes to CEHOA documents and processes
  6. Front entrance repairs and modifications
  7. Election of new Board members
  8. Open member comment (as time permits)
  9. Adjournment


The Declaration of Restrictions that governs the neighborhood is not being changed.  As a result, only the CEHOA Board, not the CEHOA members, will be voting on the changes to the CEHOA documents (specifically, changes to the CEHOA By-Laws and the Resolution Regarding Flagpoles).  However, in the interest of transparency, the Board intends to make the amended documents available on the Association website (www.chadwickestates.org) before the Annual Meeting.  The Board is working with the website designer to create a password-protected, members-only portion of the website and hopes to be able to use that feature to make the amended CEHOA documents available to CEHOA members before the Annual Meeting.  Stay tuned for another communication on that issue.

Finally, there are four members of the CEHOA Board of Directors whose terms are expiring.  If you are interested in a position on the CEHOA Board, please submit your name to me (cehoa.pres@gmail.com) by February 15th to be added as a candidate on the ballots that will be distributed at the meeting.

Please note that the Peoria Public Library closes at 8PM, so we will be starting the meeting as close to 6PM as possible in order to have sufficient time to work through our agenda.

On behalf of the entire CEHOA Board, we hope to see you at the Annual Meeting!

Kind Regards,

Loreto Panettone

President, Chadwick Estates Homeowners Association, Inc.

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