Damaged/Replacement mailbox contact

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There have been many mailboxes damaged in the Chadwick Estates neighborhood due to the harsh winter. All mailboxes must be in good condition, post secured properly in the ground and of uniform design. This requirement is clearly listed in the neighborhood bylaws. Please have your mailbox repaired or replaced if it is in poor condition.

If you need to have your mailbox replaced or repaired, please contact Brian Pinkston, Custom Surroundings, www.customsurroundingsinc.com

Chadwick HOA Annual Meeting

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Title: Chadwick HOA Annual Meeting
Location: Midwest Orthopedics Center – 6000 N Allen Rd., Peoria, IL
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2014-02-25


Welcome To Chadwick Estates

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Dear Chadwick Estates Residence and Guests,

Please enjoy the benefits of living in the premier subdivision in Illinois.  We extend our warmest welcome to guests.  Please contact a board member if you encounter any questions.

Warmest regards,

Chadwick Estates Home Owners Association


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Chadwick Estates is a subdivision in Peoria Illinois.

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